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The Optio Object Reader (OOR) can generate Documentation instantly from Design Studio 1.x and 7.x files 

Simple recognizable user interface :
Key Features :
Screenshot of OOR
The Optio Object Reader Main Screen
Other Features :

  • Generate HTML Documentation with one mouse click; any Optio programmer can immediately see what the specifics of the document are.
  • Generate a package in cab or zip format for sending the document to a colleague or to get support.
  • Or open the file in your favorite text editor.
  • New since 1.5 : Print the preview pages generated by DesignStudio.
Explorer Pop Up
Integrated into explorer for maximum efficientcy
A necessity when working in a group and you have to maintain code someone else created.
When converting from Design Studio 1.x to 7.x OOR is a mandatory tool.

Also take a look at other tools like The StartProg DCSWatch replacement , and eCIMail eci.ini setup tool.

How to Obtain OOR ?
Download  The Optio Object Reader Version V1.6.1.
You can also download a small 7zfile with only the important files. You will need 7zip.
For people using Windos 9x/ME Download V1.1

Send an email for a new Temporary key, or ask sales for pricing.

There also is an OOR User Information list, to keep you up to date on OOR.
Any comments are greatly appreciated, serious bug reports can earn a year free use!

Directly obtain OOR by filling out the form,
Company name
Allow about a day for delivery of the
permenent key.

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